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名人一番說/道歉承認錯誤 解決才是王道

2016/08/28 15:54:12 聯合晚報 本報訊

●There needs to be trust in the dialogue. So if I know I made a mistake or we as a company made a mistake, we have to apologize. And tell how were going to fix it.


●In America, once you admit your mistake, it's just a matter of how much they're going to sue you for. Here the culture is different. And also, the world's best journalists are here. I cannot waste everybody's time lying. They're going to find out that I'm lying.


●(開幕前,選手村許多建築尚未通過安全測試)This should have been tested a long time ago. But the problem is there and now our task is to fix it as quickly as possible and to ensure everything is safe.


●Sometimes, you see that I talk too much . Because sometimes, I have to go choosing words and sentences that I know. So sometimes I don't have the straight line in English, so I choose the curve. Some of my answers are longer than normal, because I miss a shortcut. I try to use only words that I know are right. Sometimes I want to explain, because we're not hiding anything, and there is a reasoning. But the fact it's my second language obliges me to go choosing sentences and choosing words that I know.

有時候,各位看我話太多。因為我必須選擇我知道的單字和句子。因此,有時候,我用英語沒法直接了當,於是選擇繞個彎。我有些回答長度超過正常長度,因為我不知道要怎樣直指要點。我努力只 用我知道是正確的字眼。有時候,我想解釋,因為我們不想隱瞞什麼事情。凡事都有理由,但事實是,我的第二語言使我必須費力選用我會的句子和單字。

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